An Aquatic Centre Takes Shape…

A lot has happened since our last update as we move from the Sprung Structure to more of the interior work. As you can see below, the exterior is prepared minus a few panels to allow for interior access for ongoing construction. We’ll be closing up the rest of the building soon.

The pools have also been placed, which is clearly a huge milestone given we are building an aquatic centre. The piping around and under the pool is in process and needs to be complete before concrete is poured. As of this date (early December), we are four to six weeks out from that being completed.

As you may have spotted behind the pools in the image above, our lockers are also being built out. Here are some more detailed shots in the gallery below:

The next substantial phase is the HVAC system, which is being prepped for now and the equipment is expected to arrive soon.

That all adds up to a Spring, 2023 opening and we’re excited for this final phase as we get close to the finish line. Check back to this site for programming updates, schedules and more in early 2023!!